Raw Power


I’m starting a class called “Iggy Pop Amen Yoga”. It starts at 7:30AM. It’s the sequel to the class formerly known as “Prince Yoga”. Iggy Pop Amen Yoga is focused on getting juicy and rolling with the punches. Prince Yoga was about loving yourself, but it never actually went public. I’m just kidding, but yoga for ninjas is still under revision.

This morning, I went for a fast run on single track trails in Salida, Colorado and came back to an hour of yoga with Mick Jagger, Florence and the Machine and their close friends.

These fictional yoga classes are playful caricatures of the yoga I do on my own time. None sound as strange as some of the classes I’ve attended including Yin Yang Yoga- The Practice of Quiet Power; Yoga for Sailors; and Hips, Core and Explore.  Don’t judge a class by its name.

In Almost Famous, Phillip Seymour Hoffman drops the needle on “Raw Power” saying “Iggy Pop! Amen.” Over the years, this movie line has run circles in my brain. Amen.



2 thoughts on “Raw Power

  1. Penelope says:

    LOVE IT!!! More please!!!!!

  2. Gary says:

    Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. So, have got Nick doing yoga too? I admire that after, or before, a hard days ride you still have motivation to do yoga. Have fun in Vegas!

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