Salida is for Shredders

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I’m leaving Salida, Colorado today. This town’s got just about everything I like about a place: lots of trails, 330 days of sunshine per year and friendly fun-loving people.

We’ve been here for a few days staying with a mysterious benefactor. A southern gentleman owns a second home here and lets bicycle tourists crash at his place. No one else is here for the moment, so Nick and I have the whole place to ourselves. It’s got the best view in town. Half a mile up the hill starts several miles of singletrack mountain bike trails that descend to the center of town. It makes for a pretty sweet commute.

Yesterday, we met some local scooter types. We thought they were the coolest kids ever and they thought Nick’s fat tires were boss. We’re making friends and influencing people.








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2 thoughts on “Salida is for Shredders

  1. bike wrider says:

    My uncle has a cabin a little ways south of Salida, that’s a beautiful part of that state. The Sangre de Christos have some pretty crazy/mystical stuff going on.

    • laelwilcox says:

      Hey Nate. Salida is so far my favorite town in Colorado. I’ve heard you might be acquiring a pinkish fatback. Sounds pretty sweet. Could make for a great ice cream truck bike.

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