Baby bike hat


He’s our guy.  And we miss him.  And we love him.  


This is my nephew Joshua.  He’s the good.

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6 thoughts on “Baby bike hat

  1. Dawn says:

    How about coming home for Baby’s birthday? He misses you too!

    • laelwilcox says:

      Next time money grows on trees, I’ll come home. Accepting seedling donations. Just teasing, Mom.

      I’m trying to get settled here before I come back. We’ll see how that works out.

      Love you.

  2. Irene says:

    He is such a cutie!

  3. O'dell Hubsky says:

    Nice nephew, Laray! He looks like a real beefcake. J/K!! LOL!! and other annoying shorthand! Miss you guys so much and Joshua does too. Yesterday he looked out the window with an empty look in his eyes, and said, “Uncle Dale…?” A single fat tear ran down his quivering cheek and settled into the folds of his second chin. It was so sad! We need our girl and we need her NOW. Josh will be one soon and there’s nothing sunny Santa Fe can do to stop it. You’re only a baby once after all. Sigh. Guilt, guilt, Jewish guilt, etc. We love you, L-grill! Give Nickiss a pinch on the bottom for me. Come home to us!
    O’dell Hubsky

    PS. Loved the pic of Uncle Nick, keep ’em coming!

    • laelwilcox says:

      hey mother hubbard,

      I don’t believe your sob story. That baby doesn’t cry. He just laughs and talks. And I do miss him. I’m looking for work in albuquerque, so far unsuccessfully.

      Love, love, uncle dale wilcock. Your message got me laughing and gave nick a sore seat (pinched him good).

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