Camp #2: Hoek van Holland

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3 thoughts on “Camp #2: Hoek van Holland

  1. Looks fun, if perhaps a little chilly. We were there in July several years ago, and I was a bit surprised about how cool the weather was, especially along the coast.

    What brand is Nicholas’ orange jacket? I’m in the market for a shell and I know that he has likely searched out the best bang for the buck.

    • gypsybytrade says:

      Andy, The shell is an EMS Deluge, made with Gore-Tex Paclite. I purchased one for a good price a few years ago in NY, and bought another as I knew it would fit well. For a locally available option, I would recommend the Marmot Minimalist. I avoid the $100 jackets made with the plastic-like coating. They feel clammy and eventually delaminate. This is much more durable, breathable, while still very light weight. I do not have significant experience with full Gore-Tex fabrics, which may be more durable and breathable, but I imagine they are much lighter as well. I would look for something made with Paclite or eVent. For an ultralight layer, I have considered the Marmot Super Mica. It has been a wet trip so far, and the new jacket has been a treat.


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