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I’ve been traveling for five years without my own cup. I either steal Nick’s or drink out of the pot. At a Belgian Costco-like store I bought a plastic kiddie cup for 3,95€. It’s small, light, easy to pack, and an excellent vessel for brew and dinner. Now all I’m looking for is an Opinel knife that peels potatoes and opens bottles of wine.

5 thoughts on “cuppie.

  1. nancycrowell says:

    A very curious thing happened when I saw that cup…I closed the computer walked into the other room to get ready for the day and began to remember the feeling of waking up in a tent every morning. I felt in my body the lightness, the freedom from my everyday worries. Having no agenda except for eating for the sake of nourishment and riding that darn bike just for the sake of riding the bike. I guess it was the fact that you were sharing your excitement over a little quirky cup (which is super cute!) that made me remember how simple things can be. I haven’t felt that nostalgia in over a year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Irene says:

    Love your cuppie!!

  3. nthn says:

    That looks like a cup worth waiting five years for.

    Mighty fine choice.

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