WPBlog001 1088

After three weeks in corsica, I’m back on the gr5 in belgium. Bread is good, beer is great and the winding trail is magnificent.  

WPBlog001 1101

WPBlog001 1090

WPBlog001 1091

WPBlog001 1092

WPBlog001 1093

WPBlog001 1095

WPBlog001 1096

WPBlog001 1097

WPBlog001 1104

WPBlog001 1100

WPBlog001 1103

WPBlog001 1089


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3 thoughts on “Delirium.

  1. Dawn says:

    Love the photos and the fancy green shoes. Can we Skype sometime?

  2. Belgian beer is terrific. Looks like you’re having lots of fun.

  3. Trevor Clayton says:

    Orval is my favorite beer… in the world!

    Trevor F Clayton
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    952.941.9391 x1401
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    [Trekkie Trevor]

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