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My new back-up plan is to move to Moab, mostly because I like the public library, a place so inviting it leaves me hungry for words.

I wake up in the night to read Larry McMurtry in my sleeping bag cave. The space is a little tight, but it keeps my fingers warm. When the sun sufficiently creeps over the snow peaked La Sals, I crawl out for coffee and a downhill ride to town.

At the library I pace the aisles. I madly scan titles, flipping through books, galvanized by Wallace Stegner and Terry Tempest Williams.

We haven’t seen a drop of rain since we crossed the border to Utah and sometimes we like it that way.

I wanted to race “The Other Half” marathon this weekend, but found out it cost $109 to run down a strip of highway. Instead, I ran the Slickrock mountain bike trail as fast as a I could. It was a great challenge, leaving my heart beating and my legs sore for two days. 

We planned to ride out of town yesterday afternoon. We planned to ride out of town this morning. Instead, I left the library on foot and ran for the hills. I followed a jeep road that paralleled a cliffside until it dead ended. Running back to the entrance, a trail marker for “The Pipe Dream” singletrack caught my eye. The trail ribbons up and down the cliffside. Nearly two hours later, I ran back to the library to share it.

I’m filling the last few pages of my european diary before I ship it home. I’m replacing it with a well worn 50¢ Tom Robbins paperback.

I feel like I’m in a story where I rode into town to buy some 3.2percent beer and woke up smiling eleven years later. 

It’s time to move on, but it feels like we’ll be back, if we ever do leave.  

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9 thoughts on “pipe dream

  1. joecruz says:

    This is lovely, Lael. Evokes an incredible fondness I have for Moab. Did I tell you about the time me and Larry McMurtry were the finalists for a philosophy job?

    Thinking of you there with a smile,

    ps. You don’t strike me as a plan B person—don’t settle for less than plan A!

  2. Willet Mather says:

    I would not be overly much suprised, based on my own experience, if Lael’s and Nicholas’ Pipe Dream ends up becoming Plan A over time. Waking up in paradise 24/7/365 (and being able to ride a bike through, over, and around it) beats the hell out of just passing through.

  3. dean says:

    Yes the library is great! Dig your site, let me know if you guys roll back though Moab some time. I live right above the Native style stone structure on Kane Creek road about 3 miles from town I saw on your touring partners website. I would love to show you some alternate routes though the area. Keep up the great riding, and running.

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