Let’s get some shoes

NicholasCarman1 282

I went back to my Arizona outlet shopping roots.

When I was little, we used to visit my grandparents in Phoenix in the spring, as a way to break up the Alaska winter. We’d always make a stop at the outlet malls.

My old shoes started hurting the balls of my feet. Nick treated me to a new pair.

It’s hard to beat the rocky trail running around Sedona.

Tucson Marathon, December 8th?

NicholasCarman1 283

NicholasCarman1 285

NicholasCarman1 284

NicholasCarman1 286

NicholasCarman1 287

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4 thoughts on “Let’s get some shoes

  1. Wow! Stella would love any of those shoes. The more color the better is her mantra, and if it has pink to top it off, then you can do no better.

  2. Chloe says:

    Nice! I dig the color too, it suits you 🙂 Thanks for your comment recently! -Yes we will be around the SW for the rest of the year. We are in CO for the next few weeks and are planning (in some order) to be back through NM and TX (Dallas and Big Bend) and perhaps Northern AZ/Southern UT. We’d love to see you guys soon!! =) You come up in conversation often and are very well missed. So we probably won’t make any plans until December but if you guys have plans, please share… we can coordinate if its possible to cross paths =D More dance parties await us… lol, Be well and smile on sista!

  3. nthn says:

    The ones with the pink laces got my vote when Nicholas posted them earlier.
    Excellent taste you have.

  4. Irene says:

    Love those! Perfect for dark days of winter!

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