Where am I?

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NicholasCarman1 412

NicholasCarman1 408

The road to Alaska passes through Northern Arizona.

Are we there yet?

We’ll be in Anchorage on December 16. 

photo credits: Nicholas Carman

December 1, 2013

Mormon Lake, Lake Mary Road, 7200ft, Arizona

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4 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Yay! So excited to see you.

  2. Irene says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Thanks for the postcard Lael! very sweet of you. Do you two have warm weather plans this winter anywhere…I have been thinking Costa Rica and panama. I may save my Alaska visit for Single Speed worlds come late summer…but who knows. Keep in touch.

  4. nthn says:

    Happy eve of your return.
    Hope you’re ready for lots of snow, because mother nature delivered for us this weekend. You’ll be pleased to know that the plethora of fatbikes around Anchorage these days makes for some wonderful running conditions on the trails around town. Smooth and perfectly packed.
    Hope to catch up with you guys soon, and like I told Nicholas, if there’s anything you guys need don’t hesitate to ask.

    Safe travels.

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