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On a sunny Sunday morning I borrow a bag from my dad and a bike from my mom and catch the train to Seward. The four hour ride passes mountains and glaciers and streams from one port to another. 

In Seward, I eat a pastrami sandwich and start pedaling into the wind at noon to begin my 127 mile ride home.

Two miles down the road, I ditch my pants and fleece by the side of the bicycle path for the climb out of town.

Thirty miles down the road I stop for coffee in Moose Pass. It’s early tourist season in Alaska; little traffic and roadside merchandise is sparse. The offerings are a mix of country and city. Homemade rhubarb pies share shelves with Little Debbie. Everything is monster sized. I pack a snickers and roll on.

Riding a road bike is fun, especially on a sunny day, even into the wind. I listen to music, sprint up hills, sneak nips from my flask and soar free.

I stop for a frittata and a bagel and a juice at a log cabin.

Chilled by sunset, I buy a sweatshirt at the gas station in Girdwood.

Ten miles out of town it is dusk in Potter’s Marsh– as dark as it gets this time of year in south-central Alaska.

I make it home before midnight, my skin soaked in sun and evening chill, my brain and legs a little numb, but happy.

I would do it again, even into the wind, especially on a sunny day.

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2 thoughts on “Anchorage-Seward-Anchorage

  1. gypsybytrade says:

    Not just any sweatshirt from a gas station. It is a “Deadliest Catch” sweatshirt!

  2. Ryan Rice says:

    Well, I’d say she’s quite a catch. You two are awesome!

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