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On January 2, Nick and I met bikepackers from around the world in downtown San Diego to begin the group start on the Baja Divide. We met up with old and new friends, passed around GU Stroopwafels and started riding the route around 8:27AM. Day one on the Baja Divide includes a 3000 foot climb over Otay Mountain– the single longest climb on the whole route. We reconvened at Barrett Junction Cafe for a fish fry (thanks, Leon!) and camping. Though the ride was strenuous, everyone was smiling by the end of the day.

At Barrett Junction, Baja Divide riders screen printed their shirts with the Baja Divide logo (thanks, Holly!), helped each other with GPS problems (thanks, Rob!) and last minute bike issues. Riders received Revelate Designs peso pouches (thanks, Eric and Dusty!), an assortment of GU snacks (thanks, Magda!), and bottles full of Slime tubeless sealant (thanks, Joe!)

The Baja Divide route and group start are a gift– a gift to the bikepacking community and hopefully something that will benefit Baja California. Nick and I are very proud of this project and we are so grateful for all the help we’ve received!

On the 3rd of January, 97 riders rolled their bikes across the border into Mexico. Hector, from the tourism bureau in Tijuana, met us in the plaza in Tecate. He thanked us for making Baja California more visible to the bikepacking community and we took a group photo.

The exchange rate is good right now on the Baja Divide. We are all riding bikes, eating and sleeping, working hard and having fun, making friends and solving problems, speaking Spanish and English, and learning a lot.

Thanks Revelate Designs and Advocate Cycles for believing in us from the start. We really appreciate your support!

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