Alaska Heart Lines///Riding all of the major roads in Alaska

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Meet me at The Bicycle Shop at 6PM on Saturday, June 24 to ride with me out of town. We will ride 15 miles to the Eagle River Campground and camp overnight. The next day I will continue north, riding pavement and dirt to Deadhorse.

This summer I plan on riding all of the major roads in Alaska, including all of the major spur highways and unpaved roads– a project I started in 2014. 

I am a runner. In 2014 I injured my achilles and couldn’t run. I was so frustrated that I started riding my bike farther and farther to fill the void. I’d climb 2200′ up to the Glen Alps Trailhead and then ride across town to Kincaid Park and connect the single-track through to the Coastal Trail and then ride the Coastal Trail to work at the Rustic Goat. I couldn’t get enough and I had to get out of town.

On my first long ride, I took the train to Seward and rode my bike the 127 miles back to Anchorage in a day. A couple weeks later, I flew to Fairbanks and rode the 375 miles back to town in 2 ½ days– making it just in time to work an eight hour bartending shift. I loved the challenge of fitting huge miles into a tight time frame. Then, I rode 224 miles through the night to visit my grandparents in Homer. At the end of the summer, I raced the Fireweed 400 from Sheep Mountain to Valdez and back. It was my first race and I won. I started looking at the map more. I started tracing the lines in and out of Anchorage with my finger tips. I wanted to ride it all. To me, Anchorage is the heart of Alaska with roads extending like veins and arteries to the rest of the state. In 2014, I established that someday I would ride all of the major roads in Alaska. I would ride the heart lines of my state.

I am fifth generation Alaskan. There are so many places in my own state that I’ve only ever heard of and never seen. Our state is huge– twice the size of Texas, but there are only about 4,000 miles of road. I want to ride the Dalton Highway through Coldfoot to Deadhorse. I want to pedal through Chicken to the Top of the World Highway and the Taylor Highway to Eagle. I want to ride the McCarthy Road to visit the remains of my great grandfather’s store in Kennecott. I plan to ride 100-200 miles a day in a series of trips. I can get it all done in one summer. I’ll pack light and ride fast and far. 

At 6PM on Saturday, June 24 I am launching my Alaska Road Rides project. Meet me at The Bicycle Shop and ride 15 miles with me to the Eagle River Campground. We will campout for the night and the following day I’ll continue to Deadhorse, the northernmost road in the Alaska road system. I’ll be riding the new 2018 Specialized Diverge for this project. 

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5 thoughts on “Alaska Heart Lines///Riding all of the major roads in Alaska

  1. Brian Benson says:

    Wowzers. We look forward to reading about this!

  2. dgentry509 says:

    Sounds like a super adventure and I believe you will reach your goal without any problems. Looking forward to your stories of each leg of your journey. East Wenatchee is always watching via Don and Keith, two old war horses.

  3. Ian T says:

    Right on Lael!!! Please update your blog often – you are an inspiration.

  4. Matthew G says:

    That’s great! I’ll follow your ride. I’ve driven the Fairbanks-Deadhorse road a couple of times, what a beautiful place. I’m sure you’ll make it fine you’re a beast, but make sure your lights are bright! Sometimes there are big trucks and some dust. Out of interest what are the biggest tires you can put on your Specialized for that portion?

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