Lael Rides Alaska

Nicholas Carman1 235


4 thoughts on “Lael Rides Alaska

  1. Irene says:

    Happy riding!! Be safe!!

  2. Todd Knipp says:

    Hi Lael. Quick question on your bike / set up and not sure where else to ask it. How did your bike handle in the wind during the Trans Am with your full triangle bag? I’m riding the Trans Am 2018 and I’m questioning if I could keep myself out of traffic or on the road in crosswinds with that kind of bag.

    • laelwilcox says:

      Hi Todd, the full framebag worked great. I really think it’s the best and most convenient way to store gear on the bike.

      • Todd Knipp says:

        Okay. My training rides in crosswinds had me a little sketched given how much I’d was getting blown sideways on just a naked bike. I ride with 60mm aero wheels and that in combination with a full triangle bag just had me a bit concerned about Wyoming and Kansas. My experience with Kansas has been with a steel touring bike with full paniers so I had plenty of weight to help keep me leaning into the wind. I guess nothing to do but load up the race bike and get out on windy days! Thank you for your quick response!

        BTW, great interview on PathLessPedaled.

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