We have 3 winners! Kailey Kornhauser, Brooke Larsen and Alana Parent receive the Lael Rides Alaska Women’s Scholarship

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Brooke Larsen & Kailey Kornhauser

Kailey and Brooke are committed to cycling through Alaska to learn more about climate change, land rights and environmental injustice by listening to stories and experiencing the land under their own power. After their trip, they will produce a website to share these stories through writing, videos and photos. They have turned the Lael Rides Alaska Women’s Scholarship from a bike trip into vehicle to promote awareness and change. For me it appears this project is multifaceted– it’s about connecting with people and the land; it’s about building confidence and being role models to other women on bikes; it’s about supporting each other and working together; it’s about learning and teaching and sharing the story of the Alaska and the way it is changing; it’s about getting people to care because they can relate. If this is what Kailey and Brooke are putting together when they’re 25 years old, I can hardly imagine where the next ten years will take them.

They’re initial Alaska ride plan is simple. From mid-July to mid-August, they will pedal from Seward to Deadhorse, interview people and camp along the way. They would also like to visit Homer, Valdez and if possible, some villages on the North Slope. Please be in touch with them if you would like to speak with them about climate change or land rights or if you know someone they should be in touch with along this route, especially if you would like to help them with airplane travel to remote locations.

A private donor, DJ Brooks, has generously offered to cover the $1000 stipend. The trip will definitely require more funding. Please be in touch with Brooke and Kailey if you would like to help fund their project.

If nothing else, please read some of Brooke’s writing. It is beautiful.

Contact Brooke and Kailey via email:

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, as the recipients of the Lael Rides Alaska Women’s Scholarship, Kailey and Brooke will receive a Specialized Diverge, Revelate Designs Bikepacking luggage, 10,000 Alaska Airlines miles courtesy of Revelate Designs, a Big Agnes tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, Patagonia apparel, GU Energy nutrition, a copy of The Milepost, a subscription to Komoot, and $1000 travel stipend courtesy of DJ Brooks.

Read Kailey and Brooke’s full application here:
?Lael Rides Alaska? Women’s Scholarship application

Alana Rose Parent

When I told my mom about Alana’s application and that all she asked for was $400 to pay for her Dad’s gas money , she said, “That girl is going to do this trip! We will find the money to help her get out there.” Then, I told Kellie Nelson from Big Agnes and she said, “Let me see what I can do.” And she came up with a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Then I told Rita Jett that Alana has a Specialized Jynx that she earned during last year’s Anchorage GRIT program. Rita said, “Let me see if I can find her a better bike.” Rita is giving her a Specialized AWOL– a well built and reliable touring bike.

Alana, you’re doing this trip! Congratulations! I’ll do everything I can to help you make it happen.  I am so proud of you.

Alana plans to begin her ride in Cantwell, AK at the end of May when school lets out. From there, she will ride to Coldfoot and then back to Anchorage. For safety, either her Dad or her brother will drive near her throughout the trip.

Alana participated in the 2017 Anchorage GRIT program. She will come back this year as a student mentor. Last year, she displayed motivation and leadership and it was amazing to see her gain confidence and skills. This girl will go far.

My mom is donating $100 to Alana’s ride and Odia Wood-Krueger from Advocate Cycles has offered to help fund the trip. If you would like to contribute money to make Alana’s ride happen, please write me at lael.wilcox@gmail.com This is our community, let’s get this girl out on her ride!

Read Alana’s full scholarship application

For me, the most inspiring part of the Lael Rides Alaska Women’s Scholarship was how many women not only wanted to ride a 1,000 mile adventure in Alaska, but also fully believed they were capable of accomplishing this goal, created a route, made a budget and made a plan. It was an incredible privilege to read their stories, perspectives and dreams. They have all created the framework to make this adventure happen– beyond that, all it takes is gear, funding and time. These women have the skills, confidence and creativity to dream up adventure.

Thank you to all of the applicants for your hard work and honesty. Thank you to Rita Jett, Cait Rodriguez, Kellie Nelson and Holly Hill for being on the selection committee. Thank you to Specialized, Revelate Designs, Big Agnes and DJ Brooks for supplying the equipment and funding.

When I spoke with the finalists this past week, I asked them, “If you didn’t get this scholarship, would you still make your trip happen?” If you really want to ride in Alaska, you will find a way. Know that I will help you as much as I can.

“What if there were 50 women adventure riding in Alaska this summer?”
–Cait Rodriguez

5 thoughts on “We have 3 winners! Kailey Kornhauser, Brooke Larsen and Alana Parent receive the Lael Rides Alaska Women’s Scholarship

  1. mujozen says:

    Omg, I honestly didn’t thing the young girl you mentioned that had applied would get it, but I had my fingers crossed! I remember Alana was the girl who signed my thank you card last year. This is fantastic! Thanks for picking these ladies and making Alana’s dream come true. Count me in for a donation. I hope they can accept paypal. Please post a link if they set one up. This is so awesome! Yeehaw!

  2. Joan Nugent says:

    All I can say is “Wow!” I am so impressed!

  3. Reading through all of the applicants profiles honestly made me a little teary. So many rad WTFs who dream big and accomplish their goals. Congrats to the three winners!

  4. Pam Saylor says:

    I am so moved and impressed by what you are doing.

  5. […] If you’re anything like me, the applications will make you cry tears of joy/pride. Get to know the winners. […]

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