I Just Want To Ride — Film Available Online

“I Just Want To Ride” is live on PEARL iZUMi’s YouTube channel. The film is 38 minutes chronicling my 2019 ride on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Film by Rugile Kaladyte. Music by James Wilcox. Here’s an interview with Rue about the film. A huge thanks to PEARL iZUMi, Revelate Designs, Wahoo and Ergon for funding this project and believing in us. We’re thrilled to get this story out!

12 thoughts on “I Just Want To Ride — Film Available Online

  1. Richard Wright says:

    Hi Lael;
    Can you please tell me how to contact your film producers? I have a couple of questions for them.
    Richard Wright

  2. hackanon says:

    You are frigging amazing! I just got into riding myself and I am discovering the joy and pain of it.

  3. Dan Nitake says:

    Just watched your movie. I’ll forward this gem to friends. I love how you say all you have to do is ride 200 miles per day, and climb 20,000 feet or thereabouts. It doesn’t matter since those are ridiculous numbers anyways. The Deathride would be something you’d do before lunch.

    But what really hooked me in was how you retired from the race. MAJOR respect from me, and I suspect everyone who doesn’t sit behind a keyboard as you say. Hard to believe you got criticized on FB?!!


  4. Olivier says:

    Hi Lael. Thank you a lot for sharing. Truly motivating. I hope you will keep the love to ride. Have a nice one

  5. Hemant Shah says:

    Lael, I just came across your video on YouTube and watched it.

    I just got into biking a few years back and have fallen in love with it. I inspire to ride across state lines someday.

    I am 40, married, and have a seven-year-old daughter.

    Your story inspired me! You are awesome. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. You will find a lot of social media trolls, and as you said, they are just people sitting behind screens typing!! They mean nothing. What means is what you do. The examples you set. World is unfair, and I hope it comes to some sort of fairness by setting examples from individuals like you for our future generations.

    Keep doing what you are doing, Keep being You and God Speed!!!

    – Hemant Shah.

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