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hello albania!

Nicholas Carman1 1348

Everywhere we go, we hear little voices and they call out hello! Sometimes we don’t see them at first and then we look, up hillsides and down valleys and sure enough, there’s a small small person or maybe two, smiling and waving.

Where are you from? How are you? What is your name?


In Albania everyone wants to talk. Sometimes their English is just hello hello! Sometimes they sound nearly American. They all want to be friends.

Albania good?

Yes! Albania is beautiful!

Their faces light up. Their hearts are for Albania, their home, and they invite us in.

Nicholas Carman1 1337

Bird hands replicate the Albanian flag.

Nicholas Carman1 1242

Most kids over four feet ask to ride our bikes.

Nicholas Carman1 1247

This guy was too little to climb on the bike, so he spun the pedals with his hands instead.

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Nicholas Carman1 1347

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