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Yoga with Lael

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I begin teaching classes next week.  My new website is almost done.

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Soup, entirely from the garden.  Bread, from a mile away.  Coffee, roasted at Michael Thomas across town.

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Running Errands.


I’ve been busy trying to figure out Albuquerque. Pressed for time, I run places to get things done. Yesterday, I ran to Michael Thomas for locally roasted coffee. I bought a half pound and ran home, coffee in hand. This morning I ran to yoga and then the library to get a library card. Headed to the grocery store the other day, the girl I was staying with laughed at me because I was literally going for a food run.  I like running on trails to nowhere, but if I don’t have time, it makes sense to run for transportation.

Carrying things while running can be awkward, so I usually try to limit what I bring. This morning I left the house with my driver’s license and a postmarked letter I sent to myself on Saturday. The empty envelope proves to the librarians that I live in Albuquerque and am not trying to steal their books and go on the lam. The books I wanted were checked out, so I reserved them. Maybe next week I’ll run downtown to pick them up.


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Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio quando tienen hambre cuando tienen frio. 

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