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At the intersection of the GR12 and the GR128 in Bruxelles, lies the Atomium.  It was built for the 1958 World’s Fair.

Nick is flying back to Bruxelles, Belgium next week.  We will reconnect with each other, and with the GR5.

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Into the city, we rode GR trails through some beautiful parks.

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We found a cafe in town to escape the rain and use the internet.  Beer, potage, rye bread, and a charcuterie plate for lunch.

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Red lines are GR trails.  Bruxelles is just off the map, south of Antwerpen.  There are a lot of route options in Belgium.  The GR5 is highlighted in bright yellow.  


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Belgian bikepacking bouillabaise.

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Butter, onion, salt, pepper, potato, maquereau en tomatensaus, some cheap red wine (Côtes du Rhône), finished with asperges blanche and spices including turmeric and cumin.  I still don’t have a corkscrew to properly remove the cork, so the hobo method gets the job done.  Nick finished cooking while I went for a run.  I swam in the lake, and then we ate.  This was our Sunday snack.

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haarlem blues.

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Haarlem, Netherlands. May 11, 2013.

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Pied à Terre.

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Reisboekhandel Pied à Terre is the most extensive travel bookstore I have ever visited. Daydreams become real. It is an excellent resource for walking and cycling routes. We’re currently riding the LF1 fietspad– the Noordzeeroute– down the coast of Holland, to the GR5 walking trail in Hoek van Holland.  The GR5 continues through Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It reaches the Mediterranean at Nice, France.

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From the Colorado Trail to Interbike, hitching in Leadville, CO.

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Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio quando tienen hambre cuando tienen frio. 

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El Oso


When I first saw this bear I felt pity because he was limping and alone. Then I thought about how fun bear hunting would be and how I’d make a vest out of his pelt. I wanted to pet him, but I didn’t.

I didn’t even know bears lived in New Mexico. They do. Looks like my nice friend Joe got a good shot of him. Shoot cameras, not guns. 


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