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Flew into Vienna on Wednesday. Rode to Slovakia on Thursday.

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Tracks and Tracks

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Kincaid Bluff Trail, March 2014

There are tracks and tracks and tracks and tracks and tracks and tracks and tracks, all over the world.

Sung as a round. Second person begins when first person sings: “There are tracks and tracks…”.

Song almost never ends.

NicholasCarman1 1894

Anchorage Coastal Plain


NicholasCarman1 2022

Knik River floodplain


NicholasCarman1 1886

Kincaid Beach


NicholasCarman1 2133

Kincaid sand dunes


NicholasCarman1 2132

Alaska RR to Seward, on the way to Resurrection Pass Trail


NicholasCarman1 2129

Spenard Road, Anchorage


NicholasCarman1 1982

Middle Fork Trail, Chugach State Park


NicholasCarman1 2118

Arctic Valley


NicholasCarman1 2121

Arctic Valley


NicholasCarman1 1890

Kincaid Beach


NicholasCarman1 2097

Middle Earth Trail, Kincaid Park


NicholasCarman1 1973

Knik River


NicholasCarman1 2058

Kincaid Point

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Confused Snowbirds.

NicholasCarman1 719

From Arizona to Alaska with a ten hour lay-over in Seattle.  Ride home from the airport at 1 AM. It was -9F.

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NicholasCarman1 724

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schnebly sunset.

NicholasCarman1 94

We descend Schnebly Hill to Sedona for the second time.

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While I was sleeping,

NicholasCarman 1 10

Nick took this photo.

Freezing temps, Arizona.

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Today Nick told me that he doesn’t know what he looks like when he rides a bike, but I do. I’ve been hiding some pictures on my camera for months. Nick is still smiling and wearing the same shirt. I’m not sure if he’s taken a proper shower all summer.

His name in Ukrainian is Mykola.

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NicholasCarman0001 931

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tracks are treats.

NicholasCarman0001 852

Lockhart Basin. End of October, 2013

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Polonina flipbook, starring Mr. Polish

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We ride the mountains of western ukraine. All the red shrubs are low bush blueberries sporting their fall colors– huge and sweet. The man in red is Przemek. Over the weeks we’ve traveled with him, he’s developed a character called Mr. Polish. It started because the locals couldn’t remember his name and referred to him as pan polska (polish man). Przemek is excellent at english and speaks nearly accent-free. He’s easy-going, bright and kind– a great guy to travel with. Mr. Polish speaks with a thick polish accent and a cunning wit. He’s arrogant and hilarious and we all enjoy him a whole lot. 

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