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Suns and velos

6090WP 3

Yoga on the porch in Fort Collins is a treat. It’s so hot, I practically break a sweat sitting in the shade. Oxygen at 5000 feet proves a little scarce, so I’m trying to get some deep breaths into my chest. My new bike is on the right, my old bike on the left. Starting the day with Sun Salutations and coffee.

Ujjayi breath is the foundation of Forrest Yoga. In this breathwork, I slightly constrict a muscle in my throat- the muscle used when whispering or fogging up a mirror. Controlling the flow of air lengthens the breath. At times, it sounds like the ocean inside of a seashell or Darth Vader. Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose and inflate the rib cage. Exhale completely, sending all of the breath out of the body. At the bottom of the breath, contract the lower belly. Do it again and again. In a quiet place it’s easy to hear Ujjayi breath and creates a rhythm for my practice.

Sun Salutations are movement with breath and a delicious part of your complete breakfast.


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