A Worthy Alternative to the Classic Types of Cycling

Many cycling enthusiasts focus on multi-day cycling events such as the Tour de France. After watching such championships, cycling fans are forced to wait a whole year before new competitions. Let’s try to expand your knowledge of cycling and get acquainted with the dizzying and spectacular view of cycling.

Mountain biking is the most modern and rapidly developing branch of cycling. These competitions are held exclusively on dirt roads and are quite risky and spectacular, which allows you to get an unforgettable experience from watching them.

Types of Mountain Bike Competitions and Their Features

Mountain biking has won the hearts of many extreme sports fans around the globe. Who knows, maybe after watching a few of these events, you yourself decide to participate in one of them. Mountain biking includes the following disciplines:

  • Cross-country is long-distance riding on dirt roads. Such events require from athletes a high degree of endurance and an appropriate level of training. Athletes are required to wear a helmet, goggles, special boots, and a water-repellent suit. Keep this in mind if you yourself want to take part in such championships.
  • All-mountain – is a cycling event on the slopes of the mountains. Athletes must have high coordination of movements in order not to fall down.
  • Uphill is one of the toughest bike contests. During such races, athletes need to overcome the path to the finish line along the steep slope of the hill. To participate in such races, you need a special light bike, the weight of which should not exceed ten kilograms.
  • Downhill is the exact opposite of uphill. In such races, cyclists make a downhill race in an effort to be the first to reach the finish line. To participate in such cycling races, a special weighted bicycle is required, the weight of which must be more than twenty kilograms.
  • Freeride – such contests suggest that the cyclist himself has the right to choose the route from start to finish.
  • Trial – in such events it is important not only to quickly reach the finish line but also to perform tricks while overcoming obstacles. Athletes compete in the ability to stand on the back wheel, jump over obstacles and overcome barriers.
  • Dual slalom is a real duel on the race track. In such races, two athletes participate, who strive to descend the steep slope of the mountain as quickly as possible. Naturally, such tournaments are very traumatic, which requires athletes to have suitable equipment and full concentration and coordination of movements.
  • Dirt jumping – such contests are held on specially equipped tracks with artificial obstacles. In this regard, this species attracts a huge number of young athletes to participate in such competitions.
  • Street – such events are held in cities on special BMX bikes. This direction has become truly a cult among young people. On their vehicles, they not only overcome obstacles but also perform tricks that can surprise even the most sophisticated spectator.
  • Slopestyle is a contest that evaluates not the speed, but the technicality of the athletes. They are required to perform tricks and complex acrobatic elements.
  • North Shore – such races involve overcoming the track with many specially designed obstacles. In addition to speed, the technique of overcoming the distance is very important.

Choose Your Type of Competition and Enjoy the Beauty and Grace of Mountain Biking

If you are looking for thrills and classic cycling seems too boring, then mountain biking will not leave you indifferent. After watching such competitions, you may have an irresistible desire to participate in one of them. In this case, make sure that you have the necessary protection, as this type of cycling is extremely traumatic.